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dabbl is a not-for-profit organization that helps Canadians pursue their passion within any industry imaginable.  We created dabbl to bridge physical, economic, and technological barriers to access that young people face when wanting to learn more about a potential career path.


We realized how prevalent these barriers were when we first started offering resume revisions and career advice to anyone who had been professionally impacted by COVID-19 and were looking to reskill themselves. Through that work, we were being referred to young professionals who had graduated from university and had started working but felt lost about the direction of their careers. 


There were individuals who didn’t know where to go to ask for help, and others who found options but realized it would cost them way too much with no tangible value. Our team could empathize with these young adults. Personally, I remember “falling” into recruitment; the first few years of my career were shaped by chance rather than design.


After spending the remainder of 2020 touching up more resumes and talking to friends, we realized a broader and more concerning truth. Too many people let serendipity control the direction of their careers. I was curious as to why. 


We dug deeper with individuals who we knew were openly craving some guided direction. I connected with emerging leaders in various fields who I knew were providing ongoing mentorship to others. This is what we determined:


  • There is an overreliance on using the fundamentals that an individual spends their university years developing for real-world jobs that require, at times, a completely different skillset. Those fundamentals quickly become irrelevant in the context of the actual deliverables of a job.
  • There was also a surprising amount of people who held a naïve expectation that their employer owed them the tools and resources needed to develop as a professional. However, learning and development still primarily focuses on programs that meet the needs of the company. You learn uniform topics and at a time when it may bear little immediate relevance to your personal scope.
  • Both the education system and corporate learning programs struggle with providing something of value that is personalized to an individual’s background and goals, and they are rarely reflective of real-time market dynamics. 
  • We also realized that given the rapid pace of job disruption, both concepts are aware that they need to change and play a more practical role in preparing the workforce of the future.


We created dabbl to partner with both these environments to aid in preparing this workforce.  Toronto has one of the fastest-growing major tech communities in North America, with close to 300,000 skilled workers.  Our dream is create similar communities across the arts and humanities, other fields of STEM, and help keep talent in Canada.  We want to help attract new organizations to Canada because we have the best talent.


At dabbl, we will aim to bring widespread awareness to endless professions that exist and directly connect individuals who have a desire to pursue a particular career path with an emerging leader to learn from. Our mission is to empower young Canadians to make informed decisions about their futures. Finally, our services are free because everyone deserves the chance to chase their dreams.