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Earlier in my career, I had the amazing opportunity to support a Partner at a leading global venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital, to identify senior talent for his portfolio companies.  Early on in that relationship, I remember introducing a great candidate who had been with the same firm for over 20 years, holding multiple leadership level positions, and working around the world for them.


 “…this candidate has not shown an ability to jump into something completely foreign and fundamentally stretch themselves.  I’d rather look for someone who has worked at at least a few companies”.


I was surprised but in retrospect, it makes sense.  Especially for a portfolio of investments that is composed of technology startups operating with high levels of ambiguity and generally strapped for resources.


Nobody appreciates a job-hopper.  However, the market has changed and a career that shows thoughtful movement through positions, companies, industries, and geographies is something that employers are now looking for and what candidates should be thinking about.


Career mobility is about playing to your competitive strengths and expanding your boundaries of competence. You can start by taking an active approach to understand which skills you personally want to grow and also start building awareness around where the industry or domain opportunities will lie in the future.


All jobs will be disrupted in the future and people will be made redundant.  Okay, that’s a cliche.  But it only makes sense to identify market trends, continuously add to your toolbox of skills, and transition proactively.  Take a pragmatic approach to your career and tap into your network to understand what steps you need to be taking to position yourself effectively in the future.